Peyton Ottoman

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At a Glance:

  • Armless
  • Removable Slipcover
  • Tufted-Top option available (requires a separate slipcover)
  • Available with Skirt Options
  • Caster legs or stationary legs available
  • Made in USA

Sizes Available: Currently comes in the size listed below, but can be made custom to fit your needs!

Measurement Guide: (W = Width, D = Depth, H = Height, SW = Seat Width, SD = Seat Depth, SH = Seat Height, AH = Arm Height, Yds = Yardage)

Size W D H SW SD SH AH Base H Leg H Yds
Peyton Ottoman 34″ 34″ 16.5″ 34″ 34″ 16.5″ N/A 14″ 2.5″ 2
Peyton Ottoman (Tufted-Top) 34″ 34″ 18″ 34″ 34″ 18″ N/A 14″ 2.5″ 2

W 34″
D 34″
H 16.5″
SW 34″
SD 34″
SH 16.5″
Base H 14″
Leg H 2.5″
Yds 10
W 34″
D 34″
H 18″
SW 34″
SD 34″
SH 18″
Base H 14″
Leg H 2.5″
Yds 3

** Yardage is approximate, and is based on a solid fabric, no skirt, self welt, 54" wide.


The Peyton Ottoman is a round, very customizable ottoman. It is the perfect size (34″ round) to anchor a furniture ensemble in a room.  It can be used for extra seating as well as a comfortable place to put your feet up and relax. When fitted with a glass top, it instantly becomes a great coffee table.

The Peyton Ottoman typically comes with casters for legs, so it is very easy to roll from room to room without ever having to lift it. This makes it a great piece of furniture to have for the type of person that likes to relax in several different places in the house. Stationary legs are also available if desired.

What’s even more special about the Peyton Ottoman is its tufted-top option. We have engineered this ottoman to have a unique tufted-top built right into the slipcover itself, so going back and forth between a traditional tufted look and a sleek, modern look (no tufting) is as simple as a change of cover.

The cover can be washed or dry cleaned (depending on the fabric you choose), and can be changed with the seasons, so you can always have a refreshing change throughout the year!

Leg Styles (Standard):


2″ Cylinder Legs


Castor Legs

Leg Stains (Standard):

**Legs on the Peyton Ottoman are not seen, so no stains are available. If you would like legs to be seen, we can create a custom size ottoman to fit your needs! 

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