A Green Company


Custom made Chameleon Fine Furniture™ slipcovered “Jessica” Loveseat.

Why We’re Green!

Being Green wasn’t an after-thought but a core element at the heart of the development of our company…

Our Primary Product: Chameleon Fine Furniture™

  • Chameleon Fine Furniture is custom made recyclable slipcovered furniture – built to last for a lifetime.
  • We use 5/4 kiln-dried lumber (Oregon Alder or Poplar) from managed forests for a durable frame that will last forever.
  • Trees will be saved because a family can buy one couch for a lifetime and be able to change the fabric covers, legs, cushions for new looks whenever they want.
  • This is one couch that will never be found in a landfill because the frame and upholstery is never compromised over the years. With upholstered furniture, nails and staples can cause damage to the integrity of the frame each time is it reupholstered.
  • Once a Chameleon Fine Furniture sofa is purchased the customer can recycle covers by selling used ones to other customers (5 documented cases). We have three inherited Chameleon Fine Furniture pieces that have already passed down to the next generation.


Chameleon Style Reversible Bedding Ensembles

Our Design Philosophy: Chameleon Style® Decorating

  • Chameleon Style® Decorating philosophy is based on the understanding of the nature of change, the need for us to refresh and renew.
  • Chameleon Style® Decorating is a green mindset because it means looking at every purchase, no matter how trivial, from the perspective of how can it be used in multiple ways. It can transition to other styles in the future, and its quality will last the duration of its function.


Chameleon Home Barn – Arroyo Grande

Our Retail Store: Chameleon Home™

Our retail store and furniture showroom is located in the 105 year old Loomis Grain Mill-Feed Store. Though this building was saved from a developer’s demolition by a group of vocal citizens (2004), it was a frustrating dilemma to find a viable business to occupy the barn at the “end of the Village” of Arroyo Grande. Chameleon took on the challenge and saw the potential in “recycling” the rickety structure for its elegant store. Four months of 14 hour-days with mops, vacuums, hammer, nails and 300 gallons of paint made the transformation of the”barn” to a character-preserved-showplace-shopping-destination store for locals and tourists alike.  

  • Tin sheets were brought from a landfill in Northern California to patch up the siding.
  • Old wood from the original structure was used to make planter boxes.
  • The concrete loading dock for the rail spur that passed along the barn is now the entry hall to the store.
  • We reused the original signs of Loomis Seed & Feed to re-paint and reuse as the signage.
  • We use fluorescent lights throughout the store’s interior.
  • We recycle the cardboard fabric tubes and wrapped them in scrap fabric to form cute picket fences to decorate the windows.
  • We recycle all our cardboard boxes, packaging materials, cans and plastic bottles.
  • We sell discontinued fabric samples for $1.00 each in “Jessica’s Trunk” and donate the money to cystic fibrosis patients.
  • We save all scraps of fabrics and bag them and sell them by the pound. We show people what creative projects can be made with the tiniest of scraps. (Lampshades, purses, Christmas stockings, doll clothes, bulletin boards, and even framed art.)
  • Chameleon offers re-upholstery services to the community and re-purposes older furniture frames with new fabrics – once again helping to cut down on landfill use.
  • We have access to “Green Fabrics” – Eco-friendly fabrics from a variety of mills.
  • We make small pillows to decorate the store’s entrance from the tiniest of scraps.
  • We recycle foam scraps for either shredding for pillow inserts or bag them for returning to a large company that recycles foam.

Chameleon switched banking in 2008 to Mission Community Bank, which has an office in the Village within walking distance and therefore two less trips are made by vehicle per day.