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Chameleon Fine Furniture™

Answer: It takes approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on fabric availability. 

Answer: For a larger sofa, it costs approximately $395 labor, plus fabric. You can purchase fabrics from Chameleon or supply your own.

No, unfortunately not.

CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™ is built differently than the traditional sofa. Because of our unique construction, we are able to make taut slip covers that look like finely upholstered furniture pieces.

With a sofa that is not constructed like our sofas, the slip cover doesn’t have deep tucking areas and concealed places for Velcro®, and therefore will look like a typical slip cover – loose and sloppy.

You will have to check with your local upholsterer or seamstress  and find out about slip cover options for your sofa.
If it’s just not what you’re looking for, please contact us to get you started in the process of becoming a Chameleon!

It depends on your fabric. Most decorator fabrics (upholstery weight) will say “Dry Clean Only”, but many are indeed washable.

To be washable, a fabric must be colorfast.

Most fabrics will shrink anywhere from 1% – 15% upon washing. This affects the quantity needed dramatically.
Some fabrics will be susceptible to snagging after laundering due to the fact that some fabric have an acrylic or other kind of backing that is removed in the laundering process. The threads are no longer secure, and therefore will tend to get pulled out and snag.

Chameleon cannot guarantee maintenance of fabric.

Yes, CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™’s legs are completely changeable. They are screwed into the frame with a “T-Nut” and hanger bolt. This means the legs will not strip out of the bare wood frame. A new set of legs can dramatically change the appearance of the furniture.

By changing the legs you can change the style of your furniture completely.

CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE’S™ “Envelope Seating System” allows you to enjoy custom comfort forever! You get to choose the thickness of your seat cushions, the firmness of foam, and either a feather-down envelope, or hypo-allergenic option for allergy sufferers. The foam core of your desired firmness is then placed inside the envelope of your choice, which goes inside your seat cover. The feather-down envelope is washable, and the foam inside is easily replaceable in the future when you want or need to change the firmness of the foam core.

Yes. In fact, many of the styles in our line today came from custom styles requested by our customers. Camay (the Owner and Designer) is always brainstorming new style ideas and welcomes your input. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas and we will try to meet your needs!


There are many benefits to buying a CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™ slip covered sofa, that you may not find in a traditional slip covered piece of furniture. Our furniture is uniquely different in that it offers the look of having a finely upholstered furniture piece, with all the advantages of a slip cover.
The following information only pertains to CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™ – not other slip covered furniture companies:

Benefits of CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™ Slip covered Sofas:

Slip covered Furniture without the Slip!

  • Our furniture allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a removable cover without the hassle of the sloppy slip cover look. Your CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™ cover can be washable or dry cleanable for when you, family members, or guests happen to spill on the sofa. You don’t have to make a costly appointment to have your sofa steam cleaned like with upholstered furniture.

Precision Produced Covers:

  • This means that when your cover starts to wear out over the years, you simply call us for a new cover. You can provide your own fabric (or choose from our selection) but the main benefit to having a precision slip cover is that your sofa never has to leave your home. We send you a new cover and you don’t have to worry about transporting your sofa somewhere to get it reupholstered or slip covered.

One Sofa for a Lifetime:

  • With CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™, we use Velcro® to attach the slip covers to the frame. The benefit to this is that your frame only has to be stapled once. With upholstered furniture, every time the piece is reupholstered, hundreds of staples have to be taken out (leaving holes in the frame), and hundreds more are put back in (causing more holes!). Over time the frame of your furniture piece begins to loose its integrity, and therefore eventually will need major restoration, or may not be able to be fixed and you’ll have to get a new sofa. With CHAMELEON FINE FURNITURE™, you can change your furniture as many times as you want…the frame will never wear out!

Delivery costs vary and a Chameleon Staff Member will be happy to work up an estimate for you. Contact us by email or by phone.
Our factory is located on California’s Central Coast in Arroyo Grande between Wine Country, the Pismo Dunes and the Sea! Many of our out-of-state customers have used our location as the best excuse to rent that truck and make a vacation out of picking up their furniture pieces in person.

Dogs, Cats & Other Critters:

If your dog jumps / sits / sleeps on furniture, then a washable sofa is a wonderful solution. Our customers have told us that most of “doggy” wear, however, comes from dogs rubbing on front sides or back of sofa rather than on the seats themselves.

The solution is our “Dog Blanket” – made out of the same fabric as your furniture and/or extended arm covers to go down the sides. These accoutrements help keep body oils from penetrating your cover.

An additional solution is our “Cat Cap”. If your cat naps on the back of your sofa, we can make fitted “Cat Caps” for individual cushions, or for the entire back of the sofa. They match your furniture so it will not be distracting for daily wear, and easily removable for quick cleaning or when company comes.

For more information on our Pet Friendly solutions, click here!

We are honored to be named one of Home Accents Today's Retail Stars for 2022!

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