Dining Chair Seats – 5 Tips

As we gather for the non-stop Holiday season ahead, the dining room table becomes a focal point for celebrations with family and friends.  It also makes a great excuse to spruce up the table and make sure your chair seats are comfortable and spiffy.

Here are 5 tips to refresh your dining room seating:

1) Reupholster chair seats

This is a great DIY project if your chair seats are a simple stapled seat.  Generally ¾ yard of fabric will yield 2 chair seats… even if it’s a large pattern… trust me!   So if you have 6 dining room chairs 2 ¼ yards of fabric will usually be enough.  If new foam is needed then the cost of the project escalates, but is well worth it.  At Chameleon we sell only “High Resiliency Foams” that hold up longer than foams sold at bulk retail outlets.  Remember to strip the chair seat entirely and cover the new foam with Dacron Batting.  This serves as a buffer between the fabric and the foam.  Position your square of fabric over the seat and staple front, back, side to side making sure the pattern is the same on each seat.

2) Protect your Seats

Protect your chair seats with Guardian-Crypton spray fabric protector.  We have been using this brand for decades – it has no fluorocarbons or carcinogens and protects chair seats from all “bodily fluids” (no need to elaborate).  Just use a damp towel to blot out any spills or stains.  One bottle is enough to do about 8 dining seats.  You will be able to relax and enjoy the meal and the company. 

3) Chair Seat Slipcovers

When the grandkids come over it’s easy to relax knowing I have washable slipcovers for both my Chameleon Fine Furniture Parsons Chairs and for my upholstered dining room chairs.   I love using just a square of 27×27 fabric (selected from “Jessica’s Trunk” in our store).  Simply tie bias strips in 4 corners or make small grommets in the corners to secure the cover.  I love my custom slipcovers made with piping and a small skirt.  Many people are afraid of white but it’s the best when it comes to the table because it’s bleachable!!!!

4) Chair cushions for wood seat dining chairs

A nice custom chair cushion is great for adding comfort to wood chairs.  It’s easy to make a pattern from paper and a black sharpie pen.  Mark the front of the chair, back and position of ties.  Many no longer want “bows” to tie on chairs and request Velcro®.  We highly recommend using a sewn in tie and simply from a knot at the back of the chair.  Other methods just don’t seem to hold up.

5) Parsons Chairs

This traditional chair style is a classic for any table and of course at Chameleon Fine Furniture we have many styles from which to choose.  Even having just one Parsons Chair at the head of the table with a washable, changeable cover to fit any season or holiday makes any gathering just a little more special.  What’s especially great about a Parsons chair is that it can be used in a home office as a desk chair or an extra chair in a guest room then a new cover made to match the dining area and moved to the dining room as extra seating.

6 thoughts on “Dining Chair Seats – 5 Tips”

  1. I like the skirted seat slipcover shown here and have been searching for a pattern for such as this. More instruction would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  2. JOAN SANCHEZ – I loved the patterN for the front pleated dining chair cover. More detailed instructions would be welcomed.

    1. Hi Joan! Thank you so much! We actually don’t have an official pattern for this, however we have had several requests for it so we are hoping to create one. It’s a wonderful idea, and we will let you know when we have something. We’re catching up after the holidays, and will hopefully be able to create a pattern by Spring/Summer.

    1. Hi Minnie! With Decorator fabric, which is typically 54″ wide, it is almost always possible to get 2 chair seat faces out of 3/4 of a yard – therefore the formula is 3/4 x 3 = 2.25 yards of fabric.

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