Furniture Product Information

Construction – Frame

  • Solid Alder or Poplar (Kiln-Dried Hardwood) Frame 5/4 lumber (1 ¼ inch thick).
  • Frame is screwed, glued and double doweled
  • Lifetime “Forever” Guarantee on frame and springs*
  • Unique removable (drop-in) spring unit creating special areas for attaching Velcro and easy to replace without having to rip up upholstery in the event of need to repair.

*Lifetime Guarantee does not apply to hide-a-bed mattresses, foam, or envelopes.

Upholstery of the Foundation (Base)

  • High Resiliency Foams and padding used on the base unit for lasting comfort and decades of durability
  • Precision Production Techniques of the Base in canvas ensure that future covers will fit perfectly and without having to remove the furniture from your home.


  • Complete comfort customization utilizing Envelope System of either Feather Down or Hypo Allergenic Angel Hair with a foam core of desired firmness or softness.
  • Foam core can conveniently and affordably be changed when worn out without having to go back to an upholsterer.
  •  Envelope is zippered and lined with finely woven ticking fabric which means it can be laundered in the washing machine and dried in the dryer therefore always looking perky and plump.

Covers (Our Removable Upholstery)

  • Special Precision Patterns ensure that each cover is a glove fit.
  • Chameleon Fine Furniture™ only uses Velcro® Brand “Velcro” on its covers and base units because it lasts through laundering better than generic brands.
  • The special tucking and anchoring areas and tailored gusset between the arm and the inside back prevents slipping of the cover even if someone sits on the arm.
  • Fifteen minutes and an entirely new look is in place! (the second time you change)


  • Our frame styles are designed to be classics so that decades from now they will still be in style.
  • The fabric and cover styling give endless possibilities to the look of your Chameleon Fine Furniture™ piece.
  • Every Chameleon Fine Furniture™ piece can have either no skirt, or a variety of different skirts (pleated, triple pleated, box pleated, gathered). Skirts can also be 7″ (short) or 12″ (waterfall).
  • Cushions can either be wedged, box-banded, or have butterfly corners.
  • Welt is optional! We also offer top stitching instead of welt.
  • Many more custom options available!


  • We use “T-Nut” construction for our legs making the leg styles changeable as well. This means you can have a totally different style in the future from “head to toe”!
  • Legs can be custom stained or delivered unfinished so you can paint or finish your own legs.


  • The full size plastic pattern (like a quilting template) is available for purchase for your Chameleon Fine Furniture™ piece. This means you’re covered for life! If you should lose contact with Chameleon, or want to make your own covers, anyone can use the pattern without having to rip your existing cover apart.

Serial Number

  • Each Chameleon Fine Furniture™ piece has a unique serial number through which new covers and accessories can be ordered, and our warranty is enforced.

Sectionals Available

  • Chameleon Fine Furniture™ has several styles that are available in a sectional configuration. Since we start with a load of lumber and build it right here in the USA, we can custom build just about any sectional configuration.  We already have furniture pieces in our line such as chaises, 1-arm loveseats, armless chairs etc that make up our standard sectional options.

    The following Chameleon Fine Furniture™ styles are available in a sectional. You can see the various configurations available under “At a Glance” on each page:


We are honored to be named one of Home Accents Today's Retail Stars for 2022!

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