Our Story

Chameleon Store at our new location 2017. Displaying Chameleon Fine Furniture™ Kendall Sofa.

About Us – Our Story

At Chameleon Style® we are passionate about fabrics, colors, and creating home design products which make decorating flexible, affordable and fun! Chameleon Style® is the home and factory of Chameleon Fine Furniture™ (Slipcovered Furniture Without the Slip!), and manufacturer for custom and Ready-to-Wear Home Fashion products.

Chameleon Store at our new location 2017. Displaying Chameleon Fine Furniture™ Kendall Sofa.

Chameleon in our new location, displaying the Chameleon Fine Furniture™ Lielle Sectional in Betul Wheat Fabric.

The Purple Story (How we got started)

In 1988, Camay was newly single and bought a tiny fixer-upper to call her own. She painted it purple inside and out. The front door was fuchsia and the shutters in deep plum.  Purple was her “neutral” color.

For two months a secret “ad-mowerer” edged, trimmed, and mowed Camay’s yard until one morning, she caught him in the act. This happened over 23 years ago and Camay and Win have been together ever since.

When they decided to marry and blend households, the decorating challenges began. He refused to live with “that @#$% purple” and she didn’t want to settle on “boring bachelor beige”. Camay suggested slipcovers, but Win remembered the sloppy slipcover look from his mother’s house and firmly said no.

“I know we can make them differently,” Camay declared.

In 1993 she sold her purple house to begin the development of Changeable Chameleon Fine Furniture™ – Slip-covered Furniture Without the Slip! We call it Removable Upholstery because the covers fit so perfectly, one would never guess they are slipcovers!

In 1997, Win and Camay opened their own shop in the Village of Arroyo Grande on California’s beautiful Central Coast. They had one sofa and ten bolts of fabric.

Camay and Win when they were children.

Camay and Win now.

Where Chameleon is today…

In 2005 we moved to our current location in the 106 year old Loomis Grain Mill we affectionately call “The Barn”. We now have our own team of seamstresses and upholsterers, and actually manufacture the furniture on the premises. We’ve expanded our inventory to over 400 bolts of decorator fabrics along with a great selection of gifts and accessories to complement any décor.

In Spring 2011 we opened a second store in Pasadena, California in Camay’s old neighborhood.

“My sweet, supportive 101 year old mother (Linnea) funded the opening of the store because she knows I’m a workaholic and it gave me a great excuse to visit and be with her more often,” says Camay.

She continues, “Her energy has always been an inspiration to me and is so active and healthy mentally and physically (though legally blind and almost deaf!). She occasionally walked to the store to have lunch with me or just greet customers.”

The Pasadena Store closed in 2013, as some new opportunities were on the horizon for Chameleon, but we are thankful for all of the wonderful and loyal customers and friends we have gained from the experience.

Linnea passed away in 2014 at the ripe age of 102 years old. She is greatly missed by everyone at Chameleon.

At the Arroyo Grande store, we have a team of people who can help with all your decor and design needs, and guide you through experience the magic of “Chameleon Style® Decorating”.  You can call the Arroyo Grande Store to set up and appointment (805) 481-4104, our just come on by!  For more information visit our Contact page.