Chameleon Style® Bridge Colors™

Chameleon Style®

Bridge Colors

What is a Bridge Color™?

A Bridge Color™ is one that “connects” or is common to all your fabric selections.
It’s your personal neutral…your go-to color!

Any color can be your personal neutral color – not just beiges or greys!

Make your Bridge Colors Work for you!

Our Chameleon Style® Design Method is based on finding your own true Bridge Color™. As always, we recommend starting any and every decorating project with fabric first.

  1. Go to your favorite fabric store or website (check out our fabric shop) and begin selecting fabrics that have the colors and themes you would love to have in your home if money were no object.
  2. Take a look at all the types of fabrics you’ve collected and see if you can find a color they have in common.

This is your Bridge Color™

(For more info about the Chameleon Style® Method (click here).

A great tip – collect your favorite fabrics on your Pinterest board.

Chameleon Style® Bridge Colors

The team of designers at Chameleon Style® has chosen a palette of colors, shades and hues that transcend time and trends.

We will continually collect prints and coordinates that contain our Designated Chameleon Style® Bridge Colors so you will:

  • Always be able to update or layer your décor
  • Have fresh new looks without investing a lot of $ and changing “everything”
  • Be assured the new fabrics will “coordinate” with existing

Our Chameleon Style® Bridge colors:

We are honored to be named one of Home Accents Today's Retail Stars for 2022!

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