Zippers and Tamales

Jessica organized our special class at Chameleon called “Zippers and Tamales” in honor of her Mom. We all knew that Guadalupe installed the best concealed zippers and also made the best tamales. Jessica made hand outs and recipe cards. It was one of the most special evenings for mother and daughter and the 10 people who attended.

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  1. Lo' Vetta Bosworth

    Camay, “Thank you” for posting these wonderful accounts of beauty and love. So appropriate for Mother’s Day. Guadalupe’s faith and hard work to make it against all odds are so uplifting. I just want to reach out and hug this lovely mother. Wow, what she’s had to go through ! I just can’t imagine…. I’m so motivated by her determination. God’s blessings on this lovely lady. I’m so sorry about Jessica. I feel sure she’s in heaven waiting for her mother and they will meet again one day.

    My personal belief is that this life is a preparation for the next life in heaven. Guadalupe has had many lessons to learn in the school of earth. It sounds like she has learned them well. I think we can all learn much from the examples you’ve shared here. Thank you again this is such a blessing.

    I’m so happy that all is going well for her son. I wish this family all my best.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Lo’ Vetta

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