Welcome 2012

2012 will be a great year.
I know this because:

  • My Mom will be 100 years old in June.
  • Our store will be celebrating our 15 year    anniversary
  • And color is back! 

Not that I don’t love all the soft neutrals and the new grays that dominate the marketplace but I think the lack of color in home décor products (because they feel safe?) are part of the reason our country was in and is still coming out of a massive recession. In my opinion nothing motivates change and action more than a wonderful color.

This new fabric, Birdsong – Peacock (pictured left), has just what it takes to be a great inspiration fabric (at Chameleon Style we call it the “Key Fabric”). Lots of fun loving colors; the new edgy peacock blue combined with oranges and plums topped off with a bright magenta and a touch of lime all on a “lineny” neutral ground give Birdsong the elements to make it highly adaptable.
And of course I can’t not mention that it has a “bird on it” (referring to the popular youtube video, Put a Bird on it).

When I look at this Birdsong fabric, I think of the lovely message to all of us surviving these past years of uncertainty in the poem by Victor Hugo:

Be like the bird
Pausing on her flight
A while
On boughs too slight
Feels them
Give way beneath her
And yet sings…
Knowing she hath wings.

Here’s to a New Year and spreading our wings!

5 thoughts on “Welcome 2012”

  1. Camay, your unsquelchable positive outlook and your incredible creativity are a continuing motivator to me. Dropping in to the barn is one of my favorite parts of any trip to the coast. Congratulations on 15 years of making people happy, and here’s to many more.

    1. Hi Camay, Love that you have a blog…. Miss seeing all of you… Spring is coming and I have the bug to get creative… Will be coming in soon.. God Bless, Adela…… Congradulations on 15 years!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sure do miss you!!!! Can’t wait to come back and see what you are up to. How can it possibly be 15 years already!!!! You are awesome. Love ya, Heidi

  3. Thanks Camay for inviting me and my husband Bharath Navaneethan on your day-off day – Monday, the Presidents’ Day of 2014 – 02/17/2014. It was a fabulous unexpected acquaintance/invitation with great surprises to our vacation trip to your esteemed business location at Arroyo Grande, CA. It was an excellent tour of your store, a superb demonstration of your collections and products built using your collections. We wish and hope you remember our conversation and we also wish our paths keep crossing again and again. Until we meet again, take care and wish you do well.

    Usha L. Divi

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