Sarah’s House – Sarah Richardson

At the June 2013 Highpoint Showtime Fabric Show, Portfolio launched the Sarah Richardson (of HGTV’s Sarah’s House) fabric collection and she was there to mingle. I got a chance to sit and chat with her.

If you have never seen the HGTV program, “Sarah’s House”, she buys a fixer upper – then takes the viewer through the remodel steps always starting with a trip to the fabric store first. During the recession, her program was virtually the only one that any of our customers watched on HGTV (being sick of all the reality quick-fix shows). One of the reasons I particularly enjoyed her program was because Sarah always started any decorating project with a trip to the fabric store for her “inspiration fabric”.

As we sat on a lovely couch adorned with pillows from her new collection, she told me about some of her inspirations for the designs; her first painted floor, the filigree in her wedding band. She was truly a delight and this will be a fabulous addition to the Kravet-Portfolio designers’ collections.

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