Quilts for the Homeless – an Update!

Katie Maloney and April Brassfield of the 5Cities Homeless Coalition were more than surprised when they saw the beautiful blankets, quilts, purses and satchels many Chameleon Volunteers made over the last few months. Chameleon Style donated 45 blankets and an assortment of pillows and other items that will be distributed by the 5Cities Homeless Coalition.

Many of the beautiful, opulent chenille remnants were left over from when Chameleon made bedspreads for the Madonna Inn over a decade ago. “I just couldn’t part with them and knew they could be transformed into functional and beautiful creations,” stated Camay Arad, owner of Chameleon Style. “A special thank you to the Chameleon Volunteers for their workmanship!”

Pictured below are Camay Arad and Karen White of Chameleon along with Katie and April of the 5Cities Homeless Coalition.

The Chameleon Style “Make One – Take One” program will continue as long as there are scraps of fabric to be up-cycled. The baby crib on the dock outside the Chameleon store will remain full of discontinued samples and scraps left over from the factory production. The remnants are free for the taking but Chameleon asks that one takes enough to make an item to return to Chameleon to donate or auction for the homeless cause.

“Textile Trash” (about 14.3 million tons of fabrics were discarded in 2012) is a telling environmental issue that spawned the rise of re-purposing and up-cycling. Only 15% of textiles are recycled. Goodwill industries alone processes about 9 million pounds a year. Chameleon Style is proud to be a part of any effort to recycle, re-purpose and up-cycle fabrics and put them to good use.

Some of the lovely blanket creations…

Additional Creations for Auction by some of our favorite customers!

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