Suzani Floral – Henna (Sample Swatch)


(Per 3"x5" Swatch)

Content: 55% Linen, 45% Rayon
Width: 54"
Repeat: 18"V x 27"

Our samples are sold for $1.50 - $2.50 each and come approximately 3" x 5" in size. For a larger sample or a special request, please contact us by calling (805) 481-4104 or email

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Suzani Floral – Henna is a classic fabric at Chameleon – it never seems to go out of style! The floral print borders between Traditional and Contemporary, depending on what coordinates you combine with it, which is why it has stayed so popular all these years. The reds and oranges keep the pattern very warm for Fall and Winter, but the green flowing throughout can be brought out during the Spring and Summer months to freshen cool down the décor. So, this fabric is an all around great fabric, versatile and beautiful!

We are honored to be named one of Home Accents Today's Retail Stars for 2022!

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