Pillow Cover 20×20 – Lavish Teal


Lavish – Teal has a velvet-like texture, but is smooth like a faux suede. This uniquely textured fabric is made with 100% polyester and is perfect for upholstery project because of its durability. It can also be laundered, which makes it the perfect choice for a slipcover as well. In fact, we used this fabric for one of our own slipcovers on our Chameleon Fine Furniture. It’s one of our favorites! This versatile fabric is soft and cozy, and complements any decor!

**Pillow Covers are Handmade in USA by Chameleon Style® **


Fabric Info:
Lavish – Teal (Click Here to View Fabric)
Content: 100% Polyester
Repeat: 0″V x 0″H

Swatch Size: Approximately 3" x 5"

Availability: In stock

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Chameleon Style® Bridge Color: Lagoon

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20" x 20"

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