November Hutch

It’s especially fun to decorate my “Hutch” (Welsh Dresser) for the holidays.

It’s easy and takes only about a half hour to feel fully engaged in the rapture of the holiday spirit.

A fall garland dresses the top of the Hutch.  I remember when purchasing this piece in 1983, that one of the considerations was to find a flat top dresser as opposed to the rounded more ornate top styles. The Chameleon Style mindset was already in the making for me as I realized I might want to display baskets or other collectibles on the top.

Most of the plates are from many years of garage sales.  The ceramic pheasant was a thrift store purchase on my first cross country trip with Win over 20 years ago.  He was baffled over my enthusiasm for my $3.00 find.  I don’t think he will ever understand “the thrill of the hunt”.

The wonderful turkey ceramics though are amongst my favorite memories.  I grew up in a three generation household.  My grandmother loved shopping through her Lillian Vernon catalog (if you’re old enough to remember?).  One year, probably the late 60’s, this medley of turkeys appeared on our table. She endured tremendous teasing from many family members that she had purchased yet another huge quantity of “kitsch” that would probably go to the basement.  After her passing I luckily inherited the turkeys and I love them dearly –a constant reminder of Thanksgivings wonderful family moments.

Because my Menorah is stored with my Christmas decorations I couldn’t locate it to join in the Thanksgiving décor this special year when Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall on the same day.  This event will not happen again for 77,083 years!  In any case, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to you and yours! 

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