I knew I was “old” when a young customer inquired as to whether I had any fabrics that were “Mid-Century”.  Pondering what that might be for a second I quickly thought of Vintage looks from the 20’s-30’s.  She went on to describe hip slim chrome legs and unique textures and I quickly realized that I was born exactly Mid Century!  My birth era was now the “in” thing.After this first initial shock for me it was as if the whole world was clamoring for Mid-Century!

This whole feeling was augmented by the fact that as I went to estate and garage sales I was viewing more and more items that are identical to my friend’s parents’ homes.  Why do I mention that?You see, my parents were older than all my friends’ parents.  My Dad was 58 when I was born (his second marriage) and my Mother was 38.  They moved to California in 1945.  My Dad was a stock broker with the once prestigious Pasadena Corporation.  He wanted to impress his new bride by purchasing timeless and traditional pieces like a Black Walnut Bedroom set and Duncan Phyfetables and chairs.  A burgundy mohair divan (gosh does anyone even remember those terms?) dressed our living room.  I knew our home had classic elements but I longed for the Danish Modern Teaks, young fresh chrome legged furniture and shag rugs that my friend’s parents had.

Who would guess these beautiful white Kendall square-armed chairs would fit the bill for Mid-Century by adding the simple chrome legs.  Be sure to check out the website for more information on our Kendall style and the different legs available…so very Chameleon Style! 

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