Kazoo Ruby

It only takes a pop of color to brighten our days at Chameleon and the fabric, Kazoo-Ruby, is a favorite for anyone seeking to add a burst of color to a room. When I opened the March issue of Traditional Home magazine it was candy for the eyes… An entire article showing one of our Chameleon favorite “Key Fabrics” – Kazoo-Ruby used as beautiful drapes.

The poppy, lime and just-the-right-shade of purple are mingled on a white, linen-rayon blend cloth making it a great multi-purpose fabric. In the Traditional Home setting this Key Fabric is used in beautiful floor to ceiling drapery panels. Since I approach everything from the “Chameleon Style®” Design perspective, using the “Key Fabric” in an unchangeable role (the drapes), I would design the dining room in this case, to have two different looks – Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter.

In our new 2013 Chameleon Style Decorating show we paired a Kazoo Ruby Table Topper with brightly colored floral napkin rings from Pier One to recreate the look of the Traditional Home setting. We also use Kazoo Ruby in a bedroom setting and the living room… so I guess we just Kazoo anywhere!

You can have Kazoo Ruby too! Purchase it on our website or on our Chameleon Style® Etsy Shop.

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