Jessica and the Painting

When Liz, my right-hand-woman, came to work for us 6 years ago in March, Jessica had just gone to Children’s Hospital for what would become her last time. Liz only heard the stories about Jessica and saw a few photos that Guadalupe kept at her work station. Liz is a wonderful artist and unbeknownst to any of us she began a painting of Jessica.

When Jessica passed away in July Liz presented Guadalupe with the beautiful painting…

Jessica surrounded by storm clouds yet sun and light and 65 tiny roses positioned throughout the painting. What was really amazing was that Liz painted tiny roses streaming from a locket that was swooped to Jessica’s left side. We all asked Liz, “How did you know?” since Liz had never seen Jessica in person nor was this in any of the photos. Jessica had a “port” to receive her treatments in her upper chest on the left side. She would always have to find a way to conceal it.
Liz had painted it without knowing anything about the significance of the positioning.

4 thoughts on “Jessica and the Painting”

  1. Lorraine Spargo

    The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways. I think the roses on the left side of the drawing were there to show Guadalupe that Jessica was in heaven surrounded by fresh roses. Jessica was a gift to her mother.

  2. Camay, Thank you for posting these wondfreul accounts of beauty and love. So appropriate for Mother’s Day. Guadalupe’s faith and hard work to make it against all odds are so uplifting. I just want to reach out and hug this lovely mother. Wow, what she’s had to go through ! I just can’t imagine . I’m so motivated by her determination. God’s blessings on this lovely lady. I’m so sorry about Jessica. I feel sure she’s in heaven waiting for her mother and they will meet again one day. My personal belief is that this life is a preparation for the next life in heaven. Guadalupe has had many lessons to learn in the school of earth. It sounds like she has learned them well. I think we can all learn much from the examples you’ve shared here. Thank you again this is such a blessing.I’m so happy that all is going well for her son. I wish this family all my best.Hugs and prayers,Lo’ Vetta

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