House Beautiful

As a self-confessing Décorating Magazine junkie since 1975, I can honestly say that House Beautiful has always been one of my favorites. Its pages were filled with inspiring design ideas, homes, and projects, yet consistently approachable. That’s why when Kravet Fabrics announced its panel discussion at the Pacific Design Center would be moderated by Sophie Donelson, the new Editor of House Beautiful, I scheduled my entire week around the opportunity to meet my “hero”.

Around June of 2015, I noticed a more colorful bent to House Beautiful, but just attributed it to the cyclical nature of home fashion. Then, upon my receiving the September issue, the pages were just exploding with all the colors we plan to include in our own (soon to be published) catalog. Why yes, we were on track with what’s “in” in the outside world…

Anyone who has visited our Chameleon Home Store will know that Chameleon is almost synonymous with vibrant color. As a designer, I believe that any color can be one’s personal neutral color, and the words are etched on a glass window in our lobby. So, when Sophie Donelson wrote in black and white that, “a neutral is a hue that plays nicely with others, one that’s as pleasing tomorrow (and next year) as it is today. There’s a whole fan deck out there. Why limit yourself to a few pages?” I was elated.

Sophie conducted the panel of designers, Jeffrey Allen Marks, Barclay Butera and Michael Berman, with such interesting and spontaneous flair. “No room would be complete without…” and each designer filled in the blank with Jeffrey claiming “a great area rug”, and Michael commenting that “something organic – whatever happened to flowers?” The whole evening was like chatting with your best friends who share the same passions. Everyone was open, friendly and approachable.

Camay Arad of Chameleon Style, Sophie Donelson Editor of House Beautiful, Heather Perlman of Kravet.

Speaking of approachable…I was like a kid seeing Santa Claus as I asked Sophie to sign my tattered September issue! I am so glad color is in style again! Thank you Sophie.

signed by sophie

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