High Point Showtime Highlights – Winter 2015

Twice a year I am lucky to make a business trip to High Point, North Carolina for the Bi-annual fabric show called “Showtime”. Furniture manufacturers, store owners and designers from all over the world visit the fabric manufacturers’ booths and showrooms to see the newest introductions.

The PK Lifestyles Showroom (producers of fabrics for Waverly, Dena Home, HGTV, Williamsburg, Tommy Bahama and Iman) is always my first stop. Four years ago they made a decision to purchase 5 pieces of Chameleon Fine Furniture™ with removable upholstery so they can have an exciting new look every season without the hassle of reupholstering. The arrangement works out well for both of us. We receive last season’s covers to display in our store.

Indigo, in all its glory, was a color trend almost everywhere. That’s why the PK Lifestyles showroom was especially beautiful this season. A touch of chinoiserie and collage effects made the ensembles intriguing.

Kate Winton, of the PK Lifestyles Showroom design team, always does great mood boards to inspire.

Golding Fabrics has been one of my favorite companies since we opened our business in 1997. Steve Rexford is as passionate about fabrics as we are at Chameleon.

Lori Roth (Roth and Tompkins Textiles) is a veteran fabric maven. As a woman-owned fabric manufacturer, she brings a wonderful perspective to the trade. In the last year, Roth and Tompkins launched their gallery program of fabric samples and it has been a huge success.

Lori is always open to ideas and suggestions. Here she is reviewing our Chameleon Style® Bridge colors so we can coordinate new fabrics.

Valdese Weavers, one of the few remaining American mills, is celebrating 100 years of beautiful woven fabrics. Liz made up a little anniversary card showing a few of the Valdese fabrics we have used on our slipcovered Chameleon Fine Furniture™ over the years. I had the opportunity to present it to the CEO, Mike Shelton. Such a great company!

Lindsay of Valdese Weavers showed us around the beautiful Valdese Weavers displays.

Circa 1801 is a division of Valdese Weavers. Their showroom is always eye-candy.

Just next to the entry their food service area was adorned with bouquets of fresh roses in luscious shades of reds and pinks – absolutely scrumptious!

Speaking of flowers…the Kravet showroom was a glow with wonderful pastels in the lobby.

Kravet introduced their new collection from Designer Kate Spade. Beautiful, bold colors with fun whimsical patterns…and I forgot to get a picture! When we receive the samples, we will be sure to let you know!

Always among my favorite showrooms are those that Ray McKinnon designs for Keystone Weaving and Se7en, both American mills.

The Keystone Weaving palette is always one of deeply textural and subdued opulence.

Ray always comes up with innovative details in the design of the displays. The tailored folded pleats cascading down the back of the curved sofa was so elegant.

Cindie Smolock of Keystone showed of one of their coastal look- wovens that will definitely be a show stopper.

Keystone Weaving became a part of Se7en last year and the 2 mills are so wonderfully compatible. Se7en is known for its vibrant colors.

Allison Hocker, one of the textile designers, showed me the line this season. It is always exciting to talk with the designer first-hand to learn about their inspirations. I gave Allison a set of our Chameleon Style® Bridge colors for reference. She totally “gets” the significance of offering a continuum of a color so the consumers can build and layer from year to year instead of feeling like one has to start over each time colors are in favor.

I was delighted to see that teals, turquoise and aqua tones are still in home fashion favor.

The De Leo showroom was dynamite. What is more inviting than a sleek white sofa with a vibrant array of toss pillows gleaming under dramatic art?

Todd Bowles is the design consultant for De Leo and he introduced his various story boards with all the inspirations.

One thing he said that caught my attention was that almost everyone needs to feel something familiar (in food, music or fashion), yet we all love something fresh and new. Todd’s goal was to incorporate the familiar with “fresh and new”. I think that is what we try to achieve at Chameleon through our Chameleon Style® Bridge Colors. To give you the familiar (your personal Bridge Color) yet introduce something fresh and new.

I topped off my visit with some great appetizers – and I mean great – from Alexandria’s Bistro and Catering. I just had to take a picture!

My favorite showroom this year was at Robert Allen. The new Madcap Cottage Collection is so cheerful and draws one in immediately.

There were of course many other displays and showrooms (too numerous to include all). It is wonderful to feel the energy and color in the air demonstrated by all the mills that suffered so terribly during the Recession.

So as 2015 ends, we await the samples by early January and invite you to come in and view them. We are anxious to know what looks you desire for your home!

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  1. Such a concise and enthusiastic post Camay! Great job!
    I’ll send photos of the beautiful sleigh when I get a chance to breath…

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