Happy “Cow”ches!

Chameleon Happy "Cow"ches!

Ever since moving our store 10 years ago to the wonderful 110 year old Loomis Grain Mill, we affectionately nicknamed “The Barn”, I have always thought of California’s “Happy Cows” and different TV commercial ideas. I envisioned Daisy and Bess talking about all of the Happy Cow-ches that come from Chameleon! In lieu of all those idealistic filmings, we would like to share with you some of what we think are the happiest cow-ches on the planet!

Here are some of Chameleon’s Favorite “Happy Cow-ches”

A Few Stories About our Happy “Cow”ches…

One of our recent deliveries (above) was an incredibly wild collage of pinks, oranges and raspberries dressing our new McClane Curved Sofa and two matching McClane Barrel Chairs. The proud owner lives in Pismo Beach and fits the beachy, retro décor of the home to a “T”.

The fabrics are Botanica Stripe, Thumbprints, Rossano Punch, and Classique Punch as the piping detail.

As these pieces were being prepared for delivery a young mother came in shopping for furniture. Recently widowed with two young girls she wanted something to make her happy. She eyed the lively pieces in the back of the barn and yelled, “That’s what I want… a couch that makes me happy!”

Janette worked with her and quickly picked out the delightful combo pictured below for a festive fall look. Hip Chocolate is one of our favorite fabrics (if you watch Blue Bloods it’s the drapes in the dining room and of course looks extra attractive with Tom Selleck seated in front of them…but I digress!) The cute piping is Taxi-Leaf, a poly-corduroy fabric, that adds a fun detail.

It was especially wonderful to hear from Adria how much joy we had brought to her family by renewing their interest in decorating for the holidays. She emailed us the couch in action with her daughters in costume and all their decorations on the table. Real living…Chameleon Style… Girls Rule!

The “Jessica” style is one of our favorites at Chameleon for its versatility of looks. Here’s the same sofa dressed in Gossan Stripe (Fabricut’s Isabelle de Borghrave Collection)…perfect for a cool coastal look.

Kendall is right in there with this fun contemporary floral print, Kathranne color Garden!

Orange in almost every shade has been important this past year and this brightly speckeled orange woven, Sklar from Duralee will knock your socks off. This our Kaden sofa in the apartment size. The Kaden looks just like Kerrie but the arms are a little narrower giving a smaller scale look…

All of these sofas were ordered within the last 7 months. It delights me to know that there are still people who won’t settle for the ordinary. Prior to the recession we did 75% of our furniture in brightly colored or print fabrics. People played the “Safe” game during the lean years. To me it’s a sign that we now can put safe behind us when it comes to decorating and once again surround ourselves with the people and colors we love.

In 2010 Oprah announced a contest to win your “OWN” show on her new network. As many of you know Liz and I labored for 2 weeks filming a video to upload for the contest. Our video was rejected 8 times (technicalities) before being accepted. Online voting began…we weren’t even close. On December 30, 2010, we got a phone call at 3:00 in the afternoon from a LA County customer…”I just saw you on Oprah,” she screamed! (Oprah airs 1 hour earlier in LA). Win set up the TV in the store.

We all watched as Oprah proclaimed that over 15,000 people submitted videos and began showing a video-photo montage of faces. Then all of a sudden, there I was, kneeling by my pink and chocolate brown velvet Jessica Sofa with a customer’s cute Bichon Frise, Guy, perched on the seat. I boldly stated, “I’m always looking for ways to change my home’s décor” as I reached for the Velcro and raised the corner of the cover! Four Seconds! A whole four seconds on Oprah. We all screamed…then the phone began ringing off the hook! Even though there was no mention of Chameleon we received about a dozen calls from customers saying they recognized our couch! One call was from a customer in Sacramento who was having her nails done at a salon and saw her couch on Oprah! The power of Oprah was amazing. I was on an all-time high for months afterwards. I had dreamed of being on her show and creating a Chameleon Style Room for her. Four seconds was close enough for me and makes that Jessica the Happiest Couch in the world for me!

3 thoughts on “Happy “Cow”ches!”

  1. Hi Camay,
    Every time I sit on my friend, Kathy’s beautiful pink & chocolate brown Jessica sofa, I think of you. Wish we were down at the condo in Pismo for Thanksgiving, I’d stop in and say “hi” and see what’s new. Sounds like you are busy and things are going well.
    Wishing you and all you staff a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    XO Linda

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