Friday Fabric Fix – Whimsical and Contemporary

We just loved this unique “sunburst” pattern contemporary fabric from Trend Fabric’s collection. It has bold contrast and it’s a fun, playful print. It can either be combined with elegant coordinates to be a little more sophisticated, or it can be combined with other playful prints to bring out a more whimsical feel.

You may recognize the small print teal and red coordinate (from the Duralee Tilton Fenwick Collection), because we’ve been using this print in all the colors for a lot of our Friday Fabric Fixes. It’s available in several colors, and this print makes a great blender for just about any project. It’s very durable, so it can be used for upholstery, yet it’s lightweight enough to be used on pillows as just an accent. This print is so versatile that we can find a way to use it in just about any fabric ensemble.

The center fabric is our good ole Bridge Fabric™ “Lanvin-Poppy“.  This fabric is another one that goes with so many fabrics, it’s hard to keep track! We’ve used it, yet again, with another fabric combination…one of many more to come!

This Week’s Featured Fabrics:

From Right to Left:
Duralee / Marvin / Aqua (Small Print)
Lanvin / Poppy (Solid)
Trend / 02971 / Punch (Large Print)

A few of our Favorite Coordinates:

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