Friday Fabric Fix – Fun and Fresh Colors

Thumbprints/Confetti  (left) is a brand new fabric at Chameleon. We paired it with one of our favorite floral prints, Hip/Chocolate, and one of our favorite *bridge fabrics, Lanvin/Poppy. We also found that by using our poppy bridge color, we could transition into other looks with the Thumbprints fabric. By switching out the floral (that might be on just a pillow or two) to Samoan Plantation/Sunstone, we can really bring out the orange and magenta and create a bolder color scheme.  

(*For those who don’t know what a Bridge Fabric™ is, be sure to check out our “What is Chameleon Style?” page where we describe how to used Key Fabrics™ and Bridge Fabrics™ to develop a changeable décor.) 

This Week’s Featured Fabrics:

** Fabrics my no longer be in stock, but may still be available. **

First image:

  • Hip – Chocolate
  • Lanvin – Poppy
  • Thumbprints – Confetti

Second image:

  • Samoan Plantation – Sunstone
  • Lanvin – Poppy
  • Thumbprints – Confetti

A few of our Favorite Coordinates:

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