Forever 21

That’s right! Here’s my mom, Linnea, all decked out for her 101st birthday in her Forever 21 blouse in a deep shade of royal blue that matches her beautiful blue eyes. Even though she is blinded from macular degeneration and cannot see color… she knows she looks great in blue.

It is interesting, when I gave her the blouse and described it to her, she said she could tell it was blue because she felt good when she put it on. Very similar to a quote from Helen Keller where she commented that she could distinguish between intensities and energies of different colors even though she was totally blind.

I also snapped a picture of Linnea on our Chameleon Fine Furniture Linnea Love seat. The fabric is long discontinued but Rose Medley was always one of my favorites and it goes perfectly in her “pink” living room that still carries traces of avocado green from the 70’s. Just as we say in our Chameleon Style Decorating guidelines… if you always stay true to what you love – it will be easy to add pieces, or pillows, or accessories forever! 

2 thoughts on “Forever 21”

  1. Glad to hear you’re recovering, and very much enjoyed the photos of your beautiful mother! Very attractive in her blue ensemble and in her home setting ! I’m inspired, thank you. 🙂

  2. Cheryl Washburn-Lander

    Glad to hear you are recovering! Wow, your mom looks great in her blue “do”. I hope to get in touch for some reupholstering jobs soon. Got to be thinking of Christmas already!

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