Fabrics up to “Kazoo”

I love that e-trade commercial where the doctors are viewing a patient with money coming out the wazoo!

Well, we have fabrics up to “Kazoo” – yes that’s the name of this brand new stylized – ikatish-floral. The colors are just magnificent.
As a seasoned fabriholic a beautiful new print always gets my creative juices flowing.

Last month I was enamored with Birdsong but the minute I saw Kazoo I was in love again.
But veteran customers of Chameleon Style know that with our great design formula one never has to decide “Either-Or” but rather you can have both looks.
I already found a great “Bridge Fabric” in the Cool Dot Jade. Its luscious turquoise hues just pop the colors in Birdsong and enrich the shades in Kazoo.

We’ll be putting together a great little vignette with these Key Fabrics in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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