Fabric Show Highlights – High Point North Carolina – Summer 2017

Another new season of gorgeous fabrics to share with you from our trip to High Point North Carolina for the “Showtime” Fabric Show for furniture Manufacturers and retailers.


The trends were obvious from the beginning…

Greys (50 shades and more) are still the hot conventional neutral:

Isn’t this the classiest grey plaid settee featured in the Keystone showroom?

Indigo in its deepest richest forms is still going strong:

The new contenders for your attention are the Soft Blushes

Shades of Clay

One of our favorite Reps- Steve Rexford displays one of my favorite pics from the new line he’s representing, Advantage Fabrics. I loved the soft sunset colors reminiscent of the 80’s… but hey, everything is coming back around isn’t it?

Shell Pinks…

The Golding Fabrics showroom…great colors but the ill-fitting slip-covered sofa gives me the chills – they definitely need Chameleon Fine Furniture™ for their display!


…and moving into my personal favorites; Bold Pinks & Tangerines

…and Fuchsia!

The cornerstone of our Chameleon Style® Design philosophy is to always surround yourself with the people and things (colors) you love… Fuchsia just makes me happy and I can’t resist a new fabric in shades of pinks and roses!

As always, our first stop at the show is the PKLifestyles Showroom. They have six Chameleon Fine Furniture™ pieces that are switched out with new slipcovers every six months for each fabric show. This June we dressed the furniture in fabrics from PKL’s new Ellen Degeneres Collection.

The main area of the showroom was drenched in the rich earth tones featured in the collection with lots of strong textures in the pillow fabrics. The Jessica Sofa is dressed in a great nubby yet soft, 100% Polyester called Valerio color Sand and really accentuates Ellen’s love of textures!

Please see these fabrics in person at our store:

The reception area of the lobby features the greys and subtle silver hues in the ED Fabric Collection.

And we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off our Chameleon Style® Design Method using Ellen’s new fabrics…


It’s always fun to see the creativity of displays like this cute dress form dressed with a fabric sample skirt:

Or the cute umbrella covered with different fabrics:

But the ultimate delight is to see the wonderful diverse showrooms. Keystone Weaving always has the most stunning displays. The American Mill specializes in highly textured wovens. The rooms designed by Ray McKinnon always reflect casual elegance and soft subtle palettes.

Also featured at Keystone were many Global Ethnic looks – loaded with rich earth tones:

Rep Reuben Lentz shows off beautifully woven horizontal striped drapery panels…


Overall the show confirmed that grey is still the most popular neutral, colors are back and there is great diversity in the constructions, styles and motifs…. Hurray for diversity! I have written a separate segment about the wonderful people we met at High Point… hope you’ll tune in!

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