Easy Table Runners

During the holidays it is fun to have a simple way to change up your dining table.
We’ve assembled a few of our favorites.

Burlap Table Runner
The simplest runner of all is also the least expensive.  Burlap becomes a “natural” choice for any fall holiday table.  The burlap we sell at Chameleon is the true, grainy natural and is 44″ wide.

It can be pre-laundered before cutting to size to ensure little shrinkage in future washings. It will “shed” a lot in the wash but it does make the burlap softer. The edges can be frayed for a casual look.  We like to straight stitch along the edge of the frayed part to avoid further unraveling.  Fabri-Tac Clear glue can also be run along the edge and it dries clear.

Top Stitched Reversible Table Runner
It’s easy to utilize small strips of fabric in a reversible table runner.  Typical widths for table runners range from only 9 inches wide to 20 inches wide. 

Sew right sides together of two strips of fabric.  Use ½ inch seam allowances.  Leave open one of the angled edges and turn right side out.  Press then topstitch two rows of stitching around the edge using your presser foot as your guide.  This step will help keep the edges from rolling up.

Reversible Chameleon Style Table Runner
Of course at Chameleon we love to make home fashion items changeable or reversible which we affectionately call our Chameleon Style point of view.

This simple table runner started with Win’s favorite fabric, Waverly’s Felicite Noir for “his” side and Duralee’s Shasta Daisies for “my side”.  Our “Bridge Color” (the dominant color in common) is the sagey-olive green which I used as the piping.  It’s fun to have two looks for the price of one, Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer.

Formal Corded Table Runner 

For a more formal look trim the table runner with cording or piping. (Cording is difficult to sew and not recommended for beginners). This runner utilizes a narrow strip of fabric left over from one of our Chameleon Fine Furniture Parson’s chairs. I added a formal black with gold dots fabric to the sides and the back making this runner also reversible.

The “Tube Technique” Table Runner
This table runner only took 15 minutes to make…honest!  I used what I call the “tube technique”. 

Whatever size width of the strip I have for the center (printed fabric) of the runner, I cut the backing the same size width, plus a little extra fabric to add to the sides of the strip. In other words, they are unequal widths. In this case, my strip was 7.5” width. I wanted to make a 13” wide table runner, so my backing ended up being 18.5” wide.

I sewed right sides together, but instead of turning right sides out to align with the seams, I centered the patterned strip and pressed with an iron.
Cut your points (angles) and fold under and use Fabri-tac or Aleenes Tacky Glue to close the ends.   This style runner is quick and easy, and it also doesn’t have any raised edges so wine glasses might not be so “tipsy”.

Enjoy! We would love to have you email us pictures of any projects you make or if you have some additional ideas to include in our newsletters.

4 thoughts on “Easy Table Runners”

  1. Love the runners but I have a 6ft. round table. Any ideas ? I have considered 3 runners that cross, creating “mats” for six but not sure about that.

    Also thank you again for donating the two beautiful pillows to the Chemistry of Cocktails event at the Exploration Station. They went quickly in the auction and were much admired.

    Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Judy – Thank you for the comment! What about a square table topper? You could either make one that just fits in the center of the table, leaving plenty of room for table mats, or one that’s big enough to hang over a bit on the corners. The three runners that cross is a great idea too.
      Here is a picture of a simple square table topper on a round table for some inspiration:

    1. Elizabeth Steele

      Hi Nancy,
      The Felicite fabric is no longer available from the manufacturer, so unfortunately we don’t have any table runners made from that fabric. However, if you are able to find some (some fabric companies might still have yardage on hand even though it’s discontinued) we can certainly make you a table runner! Please let us know if we can help or if you have any additional questions. We may be able to find a substitute fabric for Felicite that would have the same colors, if that would work for you.

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