Decorating New Year’s Resolutions

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Fit
  • Save Money
  • Enjoy Family More

At first glance these might not appear to be decorating resolutions or guidelines but rather any person’s typical New Year’s Resolutions. I’d like to explain.

Losing weight –  Losing weight from a decorating perspective to me means de-clutter, simplify.  Look for rooms to start clearing out unwanted items by donating or recycling.  It’s kind of like getting a hard start on Spring Cleaning.  Remember as in any goal, start small and break it down into steps.  Rather than tackling the entire garage try just one closet or shelf!   It’s hard to think of redecorating or rethinking any space when it is cluttered with things of the past that no longer serve their purpose.

Get Fit –  again is a resolution that can easily translate into getting your space “physically fit”.  Look for windows that need to be caulked to save energy.  Making necessary repairs now throughout your house will make it easier to think of the fun parts of redecorating later.

Save Money – Who doesn’t want to do that?  By implementing the first two resolutions mentioned above you will be well on the path to save a few dollars down the road.  To save money in decorating I believe, means doing the research and planning before you even buy the tiniest new thing for your home.  So many of us design by chance – whatever is on sale is where we start.  At Chameleon we try to encourage one and all to approach decorating with a careful but open attitude.  That way your decorating dollars will go farther.

Enjoy Family More –  This to me means having a home that is tastefully fun yet comfortable and relaxing…So the grandkids can romp on the couch without fearing getting it dirty (if it’s a Chameleon, it’s washable!).  Our cat can come and cuddle on the furniture because we’ve made “cat caps and doggy blankets.”  Because I’ve planned our home Chameleon Style, my husband can nestle in his big ugly recliner, which is hardly noticed in the midst of our whimsical décor.  I believe being totally surrounded by the people and the things you love and make you happy will improve your mind and your health!


Here’s to a great 2014

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