Five Cities Homeless Coalition Fundraiser – Blankets and More!

Art-Scrap Quilts for the Homeless

A huge thank you to a core of three volunteers who answered the sewing call and produced the first batch of scrap quilts for the homeless. As many of you know, it is excruciatingly difficult for me to relinquish even the tiniest scrap to the wastebasket. Being a quilter from the 70’s I know how a collage of fabrics can morph into the most beautiful of art pieces… and voila! Ruth, Judy and Mary were our first Chameleon volunteers to transform these potential discards into marvelous quilts.

Chameleon’s goal is to produce 75 blankets to be either auctioned and/or donated to the Five Cities Homeless Coalition by the first of March.

We need a few more brave souls to come in and dive into the many boxes of gorgeous leftover fabrics (some from the bed spreads Chameleon made for the Madonna Inn) and get your creative juices flowing to make a quilt. The idea is to “Make One- Take One”.
Any volunteer has complete free access to all the scraps to make whatever you would like for yourself as long as you make a blanket or similar item to be donated to the Homeless. You are welcome to bring your sewing machine to the store or to take the scraps home and sew in the comfort of your own home.

According to the Sioux City Journal in an article they published about “textile trash” about 14.3 million tons of fabrics were discarded in 2012 compared to 1.8 million tons in 1960. Only 15 % of the textiles are recycled. Goodwill industries alone processes about 9 million pounds a year. Chameleon is proud to be a part of any effort to recycle fabrics and put them to good use.

I think you will agree these “scrap blankets” are stunning. What will you create? Please email us if you would like to participate:

Some of the lovely blanket creations so far…

Additional Creations for Auction by some of our favorite customers!

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