High Point Showtime Highlights – Winter 2015

Twice a year I am lucky to make a business trip to High Point, North Carolina for the Bi-annual fabric show called “Showtime”. Furniture manufacturers, store owners and designers from all over the world visit the fabric manufacturers’ booths and showrooms to see the newest introductions…

House Beautiful

As a self-confessing Décorating Magazine junkie since 1975, I can honestly say that House Beautiful has always been one of my favorites. Its pages were filled with inspiring design ideas, homes, and projects, yet consistently approachable…

Five Cities Homeless Coalition Fundraiser – Blankets and More!

A huge thank you to a core of three volunteers who answered the sewing call and produced the first batch of scrap quilts for the homeless. As many of you know, it is excruciatingly difficult for me to relinquish even the tiniest scrap to the wastebasket. Being a quilter from the 70’s I know how a collage of fabrics can morph into the most beautiful of art pieces…

Happy “Cow”ches!

Ever since moving our store 10 years ago to the wonderful 110 year old Loomis Grain Mill, we affectionately nicknamed “The Barn”, I have always thought of California’s “Happy Cows” and different TV commercial ideas. We would like to share with you some of what we think are the happiest cow-ches on the planet!

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

We haven’t publicized it as much as we should, but we carry some great rug lines at Chameleon Home: Capel, Surya and Dash & Albert. Each of these companies have great websites where the rugs can be viewed and then ordered through our store.

We are honored to be named one of Home Accents Today's Retail Stars for 2022!

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